Grimes Solutions is a mold remediation company that uses the exclusive TM-100 product line, a unique blend of enzymes that eliminates mold without the use of toxic chemicals, and have been independently tested and proven to eliminate mold from even porous surfaces such as drywall. OSHA testing also proved that it not only eliminates mold, but also leaves the property free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Guaranteed Results, Every Time. We offer a 100% guarantee for our price and services. A transferable Certificate of Warranty will be issued once independent analyses of samples taken after remediation show the property has been successfully remediated. We will work until the samples are within acceptable guidelines.

Fast Remediation, Less Tear-out. Our typical remediation takes 2-3 days and is done with minimal tear out. Because of this, we offer superior services with extremely competitive pricing. In addition, less tear-out means less put-back, saving you more money.

Our product and methods not only clean surfaces, but also remediates airborne spores throughout the property including the HVAC system.

Clean Air Environment. When we are done, you can rest assured that the mold has been cleaned up. Trace spores throughout the home have been treated and the HVAC system has been cleared of mold spores. This is done without the introduction of toxins like biocides, pesticides and even bleach. All of these chemicals can have an adverse effect on people, plants and animals. Not only that, but dead spores can cause allergic reactions in the same way as living spores. Our treatment product doesn’t kill the spores, it eliminates it.

Water Extraction and Dry Out. Grimes Solutions provides effective removal of standing water and dry out services. When your home or business is damaged from water or mold you need a fast response to save your property. Our techicians are professional and fast so you and your family can get back to enjoying your home or getting your business back in business. We use drying equipment that is ideal for resolving issues related to flooded homes.

If you need water extraction, dry out, mold assessment, or mold remediation, give Grimes Solutions a call at 386-801-4665. We can help.

Mold Assessment & Moisture Investigation. If you can see mold, it is obvious that you have mold and don't need to test for it, you need to have it removed. However mold does not always make its presence known so easily. It can often hide behind walls under carpet, behind wallpaper and countless other places that the homeowner cannot see. Often it is in the air conditioning system and if so, it is circulating mold spores throughout the entire home 144 times each day.

Grimes Solutions uses extensive equipment and protocols to track down your sources of mold and moisture intrusion which is a necessary ingredient for mold growth, no matter wfhere it is hiding in your home.

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