Should You Hire A Pro?

A necessary component for mold growth in the home is moisture. So simply determining that you have mold isn’t a final answer.

Do you have mold isn’t easily answered. Sometimes it is visible, but often times it is not. It can be hiding from view behind walls, behind tiles or wall paper, in carpet, in the attic, crawl spaces, behind or beneath furniture and appliances. Often times it is found within various components of your HVAC system which is the lungs of your home. The bad news is that if you have mold in your HVAC system, it has already been distributed throughout the home.It isn’t always readily seen. Nor is the moisture on which it depends for its growth.

A do-it-yourself home testing kit is not always accurate and will note only some kinds of mold. However, it will not record all of the more than 300 strains of mold commonly found in American homes, and can thus give you a false negative result. And if you are not trained in testing, user error can also play a large part in your success or failure with home testing kits. Home testing kits will not tell you how to mold came to be in your home... unwanted and/or undetected moisture intrusion into your home. It will not tell you the source, nor the spread of that moisture.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends hiring a certified mold tester that adheres to the methods established by professional organizations like the American Industrial Hygiene Association.