TM - 100 is a revolutionary technology for mold removal. It is an organic-based, safe, and effective product used to remediate toxic molds. TM - 100 is a proprietary blend of enzymes that remove and clean all mold growing on surfaces and in air.

TM - 100 is safe for people, pets, plants, carpet, clothing and furniture. A volatile organic compound (VOC) test performed by OSHA showed the product to be safe during and after application. The five enzymes used in the formulation are all on the FDA's Generally Regarded As Safe list.

Typically, a complete remediation will take 2 to 3 days with minimal disruption. TM - 100 has been proven to abate mold on porous surfaces so we can usually save your drywall, flooring, framing, furniture and clothing.


After 6 months of independent laboratory testing, TM - 100 became the first product to receive the prestigious MOLD HELP Seal of Approval.

"Mold Help has been approached by numerous companies with products claiming to "abate" mold. This one has been proven in our independent labs to do just that. After grueling 6 months of testing through Mouldworks at the University of Oregon, this company has put their money where their mouth is and proven the point by undergoing invasive product evaluation that most companies generally fail."