Mold Assessment License: #MRSA 2707

If you think that you may have mold in your home, it's time to contact the experts at Grimes Solutions! We're the experts in Mold Testing throughout DeLand, FL & Central Florida, including Volusia, Seminole, Lake, Orange, and Marion Counties, including, but not limited to the cities of Leesburg, Orange City, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Altamonte Springs, and Orlando.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is safe and effective for use in both homes and businesses. Our Certified Mold Technicians will track down the cause of your mold problem, whether it's in your HVAC system, being caused by a leak, in your bathroom, or under your carpet.

We efficiently test for household mold in a variety of ways. There is air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing. Air testing samples are taken from the air in your home or business and examined for multiple types of mold that may be growing in your building. This method is especially helpful to find out if your HVAC system is circulating mold throughout your home.

With surface testing, our Mold Removal Technicians in DeLand, FL will take samples by swabbing or tape lifting spores from surfaces in your home or office to investigate the amount of mold growth. Additionally, bulk testing for mold requires that a piece of material be taken for Mold Inspection. These tests can tell you if you have mold spreading throughout your home, and where it is coming from.

Once our Mold Remediation Experts successfully eliminate all mold spores - whether it is black mold or mildew - from your home, you can enjoy higher indoor air quality, easier breathing, and a healthier life for you, your family, or your customers and employees.

Our Mold Technicians are ready to eliminate the mold in your home or business in Central Florida. Call us today in DeLand, FL to learn how we can help you 386-561-3499!